Shop Vac 9633400 Review

Shop Vac 9633400 Review

Are you tired of cleaning up messes haphazardly, without the proper equipment? Sometimes there is a spill or a big stain that needs to be cleaned up and a regular vacuum or stain remover just won’t do the job. That’s when a shop vac comes in!

Shop-vacs can be used as vacuums and they can also be used to suck up water. Having a shop vac will come in handy if there is a flood in your basement or if you need to vacuum up something that spilled.

If you’re not sure what shop vac to buy, the Shop Vac 9633400 will be perfect for you, and will meet all your needs and expectations. We’ve outlined its features for you, so you can see how great this product is for yourself!

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​Features of the Shop Vac 9633400

Dual usage

The Shop Vac 9633400 cleans both wet and dry messes. Messes like spilled potting soil and sawdust, and even oil spills from the car are no problem with this vacuum. Furnished with a 12-gallon capacity tank and a 6.5-peak horsepower motor, a quick cleanup is ensured. It also has an 18-foot power cord, side tank handles, and a top carry handle that makes it easy to pick up and carry around the house or outside. This shop-vac really make cleaning up an effortless task.

The dual features of this shop-vac make it very versatile. You can rely on this cleaner-upper for all of your worst spills and messes.

Yard-blower option

This shop-vac has a feature that most other shop-vacs don’t have–it doubles as a yard-blower. It comes with a detachable yard-blower tool that is very easy to use. You can use the blower for cleaning up flower beds, for leaf blowing, for cleaning up the garage floor, or even blowing away grass trimming from a sidewalk or porch walkway. The 12o-degree elbow accessory this shop-vac comes with makes it possible to use the blower to quickly clean out overhead gutters as well, so you won’t have to worry about using a ladder anymore.

Included accessories

The shop vac 9633400 comes with many accessories that will make your cleanup even easier. It comes with a detachable blower, two 1/2-inch accessories for wet or dry pick up, and an 8-foot lock-on hose. It also comes with extension wands, a 14-inch floor nozzle, and a 120-degree elbow. Its 18-foot power cord will provide you with a wide reach, and the cord storage underneath means that you won’t have to worry about tripping over the cord after you’re doing cleaning up your mess.

The blower nozzle and concentrator nozzle that this shop-vac comes with gives you options in terms of how strong or fast you want the shop-vac to suck up water and other debris.


If you’re looking for convenience, the shop vac 9633400 will definitely meet your expectations. This shop-vac is lightweight, and although it’s large, it will be easy to carry around to wherever your mess is. Also, its long power cord means that you can plug it in basically anywhere and still be able to reach your mess without using an extension cord.

Convenience is also part of this product because of its many uses. You don’t have to buy a vacuum and a yard-blower, because this shop-vac is both of those combined in one.


Many shop-vacs are super expensive and aren’t even worth the money. This one, in particular, is very inexpensive and has so many features that it basically pays for itself. The fact that it doubles as a yard blower is also a huge advantage that definitely makes it worth the money.

If you think about it, you’re saving even more money than you may realize when purchasing this shop-vac because it’s three machines in one. Instead of buying several different items, you just can just buy one that can do every job for you!

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  • Dual features
  • Yard-blower option
  • Great accessories
  • Convenience
  • Lengthy power cord


  • Somewhat difficult to assemble accessories

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Does the vac have a drain plug for wet jobs, or does it have to be lifted and emptied?

A. Yes it does! This will make things very easy for you when you need to empty the shop-vac.

Q. How powerful is the suction?

A. Very powerful! No matter what you’re cleaning up, you can rely on this shop-vac to suck up basically anything and to do a great job.

Q. Are there wheels on this so I can roll it around?

A. Yes! This shop-vac has wheels just for your convenience. You can roll it around wherever you are, or even drag it behind you if you don’t want to pick it up.

Final Verdict

As you can see, the shop vac 9633400 is great and is very much worth the money. With its many great features and its dual cleanup options, there’s no doubt that this shop-vac will be perfect for you. Take advantage of this great purchase today, while you can!

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