Best Shop Vacuum Reviews - Complete Buyer's Guide

10 Best Shop Vacuum Reviews and Complete Buyer’s Guide 2019

Shop vacuums are powerful vacuums that can be used in workshops and construction sites. They are different than your standard vacuum, and this is due to the fact they need to pick up more debris. Some people use shop vacuums for a variety of tasks, so finding the right one for your needs is crucial. Though you may think that all shop vacuums are the same, the truth is that each one of them are different. If you’ve put some thought into getting a shop vacuum but aren’t sure where to start, this article is for you. We will tell you what you need to look for, and which shop vacuums are available right now.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Shop Vac


The size of the shop vacuum will make the difference when you’re looking for the best one for you. The size of the vacuum will allow you to decide whether you should get a standing vacuum, or one with rollers. If you have a large area, you may prefer one that is bigger, but is easy to transport. You should also consider the amount of debris you need to vacuum to ensure your whole work area is clean. Though the size is a crucial aspect of choosing a shop vacuum, you should consider where you’re going to use it, and if it would fit for you.


Shop vacuums are going to be more powerful than other vacuums for homes, but some are more powerful than others. When you’re looking for the type of power you need, there are a few factors you should consider. The sealed pressure, cubic feet per minute, and the air power are the three factors you should look for. Some of these factors can improve the performance of the vacuum so it can pick up more debris, even water. You should consider what you’re going to vacuum before deciding on which one to get. This will make it easier to vacuum up anything you work with.


There are different filters available for shop vacuums, so finding the one with the best filter will ensure your vacuum doesn’t get damaged. For larger debris, you should look for an air filter that can handle the larger debris. Finer particles may need an extra filtration system to ensure the vacuum works. If you’re planning on using the vacuum for water or wet debris, the filter should be able to handle it. HEPA filters are excellent filters for those that suffer from allergies, so that is an option you should keep open. You should consider how you’re going to use the vacuum before deciding on a filtration system.

Hose Size

Many shop vacuums come with a hose that is large enough to pick up large debris. Problems arise when you need to pick up smaller particles because the regular hose may not work. You can find attachments for the hose, which makes it easier to pick up smaller debris. You can also find a different hose for your shop vac if you need a larger one. There are endless options for hose sizes, so finding the right one for you should not be too big of a problem. One thing that people don’t consider is what type of material they’re vacuuming, so ensuring the hose works will help.

Blower Port

Using the shop vac for vacuuming is a nice start, but having one with versatility will help you. A blower port can help when it comes to getting leaves and other debris off your property. They’re also handy when you need a blower for getting into hard to reach places. You can turn your shop vac into a leaf blower, making it practical for anyone to use. Not only that, but you can blow the dirt and debris into a pile in the corner to make it easier to vacuum. You should consider the area you’re going to use the shop vac in, and how much easier you want to make your life.

Tank Drain

Shop vac’s are the perfect tool to help you vacuum up water. If you do decide to use your shop vac for sucking up water, you should make sure it has a tank drain that is easy to use. You can transport your shop vac to the nearest drain to ensure you can drain the water out. This comes in handy when you don’t know what to expect, or if you use products that take water. This makes cleanup easy and quick, so you can get on to your next project. They’re also handy for sucking up water backups.


Shop vac’s are going to come with either a plastic or stainless-steel tank, so you should make sure the vacuum works for you. Plastic tanks are lightweight, and won’t dent when a large piece of debris comes flying into the tank. Stainless steel tanks are easier to clean, and they are more durable. You should consider how often you’re going to use the shop vac, and where you’re going to use it. There is no wrong answer, and it typically comes down to personal preference. You should choose the right tank for your needs, and when the shop vac is going to be used.

The 10 Best Shop Vacuum Reviews

VacuMaid GV50PRO Professional Wall Mounted Utility Vacuum

VacuMaid GV50PRO Professional Wall Mounted Vacuum

Editor Rating:

Long Hose

The vacuum comes with a 50-foot-long hose, allowing you to suck up any part of your garage or workshop easily. It also comes with all the tools you need to ensure your whole workspace is cleaned up. This includes wands, caddy, dusting brush, and upholstery tools.

Large Dirt Capacity

The vacuum can hold up to 7 gallons of dirt, allowing you to spend more time vacuuming and less time emptying the tank. The tank uses galvanized steel and is powder coated to prevent corrosion to the tank. It is more durable than other types of tanks in its class.

Powerful Motor

The powerful motor allows you to suck up the biggest debris in your home. The motor will last longer than other motors on other vacuums in its class. This is perfect for those that need a reliable motor to ensure their work area is clean and ready to go.

HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter is sealed, preventing dust and dirt from escaping the vacuum while you’re using it. The HEPA filter will keep the allergens locked in tight to the tank, making it ideal for those with allergies. You don’t have to change the dirty filter quite as often.


  • It is not too loud
  • The attachments are great
  • It is powerful


  • The hose holder is plastic

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Vacmaster VBV1210 Wet/Dry Vacuum with Detachable Blower

Vacmaster VBV1210

Editor Rating:


The vacuum includes all the tools you need to clean your workspace. It has extension wands, car nozzle, crevice tools, and other nozzles to help you vacuum. Your whole area will be clean when you’re using this vacuum for your shop.

Includes Blower

For those that want to make their lives easier, this vacuum includes a blower, allowing you to blow any debris into a corner. It has 210 MPH blowing speed, making it easy to blow everything into a corner for easy pick up. You’ll love having this feature on your vacuum.

Good for Wet Floors

When you need to vacuum up water, this vacuum provides a large tank that makes it easy to drain. The extra-large port makes the vacuum easy to drain out all the water inside the vacuum. It is a quick process, and you’ll have a clean floor after using the vacuum.


The vacuum has a balancing system, making it easy to move through the shop. It won’t tip over when you’re dragging it across the workshop floor. The sealed switch prevents the vacuum from getting turned on accidentally.


  • Powerful suction
  • Quiet operation
  • Blower is easy to use


  • It is not a HEPA vacuum

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Shop-Vac 3942000 Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum

Shop-Vac 3942000 Wall Mount Wet Dry Vacuum

Editor Rating:

Wall Mount

This vacuum includes a wall mount that allows you to put it on your wall. If you don’t want to drag a vacuum around, or have it get in the way, this is the perfect vacuum for you. It is easy to mount, and will save you space in your work area.

Picks up Water

Many workshops may have to deal with water, and using the vacuum to suck up any water will save you a lot of time. This is ideal for those that need a vacuum that can do anything you want. It’s ideal for anyone needing a vacuum that can do everything.

Cord Wrap

The onboard cord wrap allows you to store the cord directly on the vacuum. This will keep it out of the way and prevent accidents from happening. No one will trip and fall when you can adjust the cord to the proper length.


The vacuum is portable, allowing you to take it to different worksites. This is helpful for those in the construction business. You can move the vacuum easily and quickly, and mount it up at your next site. It’s the ideal way to ensure your area is clean.


  • Perfect for work sites
  • It has a quiet operation
  • The hose is long


  • Difficult to find replacement bags

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Prolux Wet Dry Garage Shop Vacuum

Prolux Wet Dry Garage shop Vacuum

Editor Rating:


The vacuum has a powerful motor to help you suck up tough debris. This motor is 1500 watts and 12 amps, making it the perfect sucking machine. The extra power helps you pick up the finer particles in your area without sacrificing other aspects of the vacuum.


The vacuum is durable enough to handle the toughest jobs. The vacuum is a quality vacuum that should last you for years. This is ideal for those that don’t want to spend money on a new shop vac every year. It will last you a long time.

Tools Included

The vacuum includes all the tools you need to clean any area of your worksite. It has crevice tools, upholstery tools, and other tools to help you vacuum anything you want. This is perfect for any contractor.


For those that need a vacuum for a variety of tasks, this is the perfect option. You can use it to inflate air mattresses and detail your car. When you need a vacuum to do a lot of work, this one delivers.


  • Application of uses
  • It is powerful
  • The hose is long enough


  • It may be underwhelming

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Craftsman XSP 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Blower

Craftsman XSP 16 Gallon Wet Dry Blower

Editor Rating:

Water Pick Up

Worksites can have a lot of water around, so having a vacuum capable of sucking up that excess water helps. This vacuum has a large enough tank to help you suck up any water in your area.

Picks Up Anything

The vacuum can pick up wood chips, drywall, and sawdust, making it ideal for any worksite. When you can suck up the smallest particles, it helps get things cleaned. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning, this is the perfect vacuum.


The top tray storage allows you to access all the tools at your disposal quickly and easily. The vacuum also comes with an on-board hose, allowing you to keep everything at your disposal.

Long Hose

The vacuum includes a 27-foot hose, allowing you to clean the furthest reaches of your work area. This is an excellent hose that doesn’t mean you must take the vacuum everywhere you go.


  • It works on different surfaces
  • Sucks up large debris easily
  • The vacuum is durable


  • It is heavy

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DEWALT DCV517B Baretool Cordless Wet/Dry Portable Vac Kit

DEWALT DCV517B Baretool Cordless Wet Dry Portable Vac Kit

Editor Rating:

HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter cuts down on the dust output of the vacuum. It traps 99.97 percent of the dust that comes through the vacuum. For those with allergies, this is an excellent vacuum to ensure it works properly for you.

Washable Filter

The filter is washable, allowing you to save time and money getting new filters. This is ideal for those that need a vacuum to work for them. You’ll appreciate having the filter when you’re cleaning it under water.

Dual Clean Up

The vacuum has a dual clean up feature for any type of cleaning you need to do. It has front utility nozzle to blow debris into a corner. An extendable rubber hose will ensure every inch of the site is clean.

Large Tank

The tank may not be extremely large, but it is big enough for a smaller vacuum. You can clean your whole area easily and quickly, making it practical for any contractor.


  • Great performance
  • It is cordless
  • It is lightweight


  • Needs 20V batteries

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BISSELL 18P03 Garage Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum Complete Wall-Mounting System

BISSELL 18P03 Garage Pro Wall Mpunt Wet Dry Vacuum

Editor Rating:


The vacuum has a 12-amp motor that allows you to suck up the smallest particles. It can also suck up water, making the cleaning process easier than ever.


The vacuum will convert into a blower, making it easier to clean up your areas. It’s ideal for those that need a vacuum to do more for them. You can clean your area quickly and easily.

Versatile Attachments

The vacuum includes 7 different attachments, making it practical for anyone needing a reliable vacuum. You can clean crevices and upholstery easily with the attachments.

Large Tank

The four-gallon tank allows you to pick up more debris, and get everything clean in your workspace. You can see when the tank is getting too full, and you can dump out the debris quickly and easily.


  • It is powerful
  • Ideal for vacuuming cars
  • Detects water and dirt automatically


  • Accessories are just okay

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RIDGID VAC4010 2-in-1 Compact and Portable Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Detachable Blower

RIDGID VAC4010 2-in-1 Compact and Portable Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Detachable Blower

Editor Rating:


The vacuum is versatile and includes several functions. It is portable, and you can clean up wet areas. It also works as a handheld leaf blower for easier cleaning.

Detachable Blower

The detachable handheld blower gives you more space to work with. You can use the handheld blower anywhere you work. It’s the best way to ensure you have a clean workspace.


The vacuum is compact, making it easy to transport. No matter where you need to go, you can use the vacuum for any project you want to take on. It’s perfect for carrying to different sites.

Easy to Change Filters

The patented filter system makes it easy to change out the filters. It also eliminates excess tools and parts for the vacuum. It’s practical for anyone needing a reliable vacuum.


  • It is powerful
  • Lots of options
  • Easy to use


  • May not work for everyone

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WORKSHOP WS1400CA High Power Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

WORKSHOP WS1400CA High Power Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Editor Rating:


The ergonomic handle allows you to vacuum easily. Your hand won’t get tired, and you can use the vacuum whenever you want. It’s perfect to clean tight spaces.

Large Hose

The dual flex locking hose allows you to move freely with the hose to clean the work area. It keeps the hose locked to the vacuum so it doesn’t come undone when you’re trying to vacuum.

Hose Storage

When you’re not using the vacuum, you can use the hose storage to keep it out of the way. This makes the vacuum easy to use, and allows you to keep all the tools and attachments nearby.


The vacuum has a quiet operation, preventing blown ear drums. Though it is quiet, it doesn’t sacrifice any power for the vacuum. This is ideal for anyone needing a reliable vacuum.


  • Quiet operation
  • Quality parts
  • Very powerful


  • It is large

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Shop-Vac 5979403 Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum

Shop-Vac 5986100 Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum

Editor Rating:

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel tank means the vacuum is more durable than other vacuums. This is practical for anyone needing a vacuum they can use for a long time. You don’t need to sacrifice time for spare parts.

Easy to Roll

The vacuum is set up on a tank dolly, making it easier to transport than other vacuums. The easy roll casters prevent the wheels from getting locked up while you’re transporting the vacuum.

Long Power Cord

The 12-foot power cord makes the vacuum ideal for large work areas. You don’t need to remove the plug and place it somewhere else. You can reach most areas with the longer cord.

Onboard Storage

The vacuum is equipped with onboard storage, allowing you to keep all your tools nearby. This makes using the vacuum easier, and allows you to clean up faster. It’s ideal for anyone needing a reliable vacuum.


  • Lightweight
  • It is powerful
  • Wont tip over


  • It may not be right for everyone

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Finding a shop vacuum shouldn’t be a complicated process, and the right one for you is out there. As long as you know what to look for, you can find the right shop vacuum for you. There are plenty of things to consider, such as price, accessories, power, and quality. Though you may need a shop vacuum for one particular task, you should make sure you find one that is versatile to do other chores. When it comes to choosing the right shop vacuum for you, knowing what you need it for will help you decide whether it is right for you.

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